Welcome to

Syston Bowling Club

Whether you are already a Member, a bowler at another Club or someone who is interested in learning more about the game – perhaps with an urge to try it out – we hope that you find a great deal to interest you here.

If you should be looking for


Gentle healthy exercise


Friendship, companionship and fun


Opportunities to develop and demonstrate skills


Year-round social programme, Clubhouse and bar


Opportunities to get involved with your local community


Contact with other like-minded people across the County


Free coaching with equipment provided


Mental wellbeing

Membership and Cost

Membership for a whole year (2024) costs no more than £125 (only £5 if you are under 18 or still in full-time education).  New Members are granted a 50% reduction (to £65) in their first year. By arrangement, full fees can be paid in two six-monthly installments.  Members are expected to wear an official Club shirt as part of the Dress Code for all official matches with other Clubs. We also have a weatherproof jacket in Club colours.  These cost £20 and £35 respectively but need not be purchased until you become regularly involved in such games.  In the meantime, the Club has a small stock of shirts that can be loaned.

Established Members may be provided with a key to the Clubhouse for which a fully refundable deposit of £5 is charged.

The Club’s Dress Codes, details of which can be found within the “COACHING” Section of this site, give guidance on those occasions when Members are required to wear the Club uniform.

Sets of bowls/woods can be loaned to new Members until they feel sufficiently confident and committed to the game to consider buying their own.  Sets of 4 bowls/woods can be bought second-hand from as little as £30.  A new set of quality bowls/woods costs between £125 and £200.

After you have tried the game, if you would like to take up membership, please ask for an Application Form or click here to download a copy.

Join Us!

Start by contacting Admin Director, Mrs. Val Foreman (3 Naylor Road, Syston, LE7 1LW) via; 0116 2609 635, vfpolo@aol.com or by emailing the Club via; systonbowling@btinternet.com to arrange a no-obligation Clubhouse visit and, if you would like, to try out your hand on the green in a friendly “roll-up” with other Members.

We can lend you all the equipment you need to get started.  All you have to provide is a pair of flat shoes (no heel) – trainers will do.


Get In Touch

If you would be interested in finding out more about how your business can become a Club Patron, please contact Club Development Director, Colin Grimes, via email; systonbowling@btinternet.com or visit our contact page.