• Check that you know and comply with the correct dress for the occasion
  • Make sure you know the starting time of the game and arrive early.
  •   If necessary, allow time to change before the arrival of guests and always be on the green in timely fashion.
  • In a team game, be there to welcome your guests.
  • Enter and leave the green by any steps or other aids provided.
  • Do not drop your bowls on to the green.
  • Shake hands with your opponent(s) before and after the game.
  • Do not sit on the steps or the bank.
  • Do not drop litter in the ditches. Use any receptacles provided.
  • Stand still and be quiet while your opponent(s) are about to play.
  • Do not infringe the laws of rink possession.
  • Wait until the result of the end has been declared before starting to break up the head.
  • If you are responsible for keeping score, compare your card with that of your opponents at regular intervals.
  • Unless you have been delegated to decide the shots at the completion of an end, do not interfere in any way with the process.
  • If an umpire has been called, stay clear of the head until a decision has been made.
  • Do not run or smoke on the green.
  •  Deliver your woods in a manner which does not damage the green and draw the attention of the Captain to any breach
    of this practice.
  •   When leaving the green for any reason, take great care that you do not walk across the line of sight
    of any player occupying the mat at the opposite end of a rink in preparation for a delivery.
  • At the end of the game avoid changing out of your playing uniform while guests remain in the clubhouse or
    while you are a guest at another Club.

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